Sagittarius Lovers and Sagittarius in Relationships

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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. A go-getting, adventurous and freedom-loving sign. You enjoy your independence. You love change and variety and you hate things to stay the same for too long. So where does love and romance fit in the scheme of a Sagittarian’s life?

Romance is a subject that everyone gets to thinking about at some time, and for Sagittarians it will be no different. But you are an independent and self-reliant person. Sagittarians love to look ahead, pursue goals, dream of ‘what might be’. You have the type of personality that MAKES things happen and you like to look on the bright side.

So hopefully, the chance to share your hopes, dreams and plans for the future with someone like yourself, WILL be an added bonus. Now since Sagittarius is a Fire sign, the energy and enthusiasm you put into all areas of your life will also find outlet in your love-relationships. You enjoy the physical side of loving of course, but you’d rather take each day as it comes. – No talk of undying love and life with the same person forever more. You’re too restless and independent to want to feel tied-down or restricted. You want to ‘live’ and experience all the world has to offer. A partner who understands this will probably be the one who lasts longest at your side.

Sagittarian’s Approach to Romance

You want no romantic rules, regulations or stipulations. As much as possible, you want to feel as free as a bird.

Sagittarius, not everyone will understand your approach to romance. There may already have been problems in the past with partners who have tried to nail your feet to the floor. You don’t go in for the ‘jealous, secretive, suspicious’ nonsense. Indeed, you’re an easy-going soul and you’re willing to give your partner quite a lot of freedom. – Just as long as you don’t go to the other extreme and lose touch with each other as you live your separate lives!

Ideally, you’ll feel attracted to someone who will want to try the untried, explore the unknown, venture in to the wide wide world. Ideally, your special someone will be intelligent as well as attractive, adventure-loving and open minded.

Could I also say too that if it’s not a priority to settle down, have kids and the like maybe you should make your feelings known from the start. That way, there can be no misunderstandings or false conceptions later in your relationship.

The Sagittarian’s Ideal Partner

All in all you’re quite open and flexible about what you want from romance and you can’t be described as a possessive or jealous lover. You’re looking for a bit of fun in life and you need to feel a degree of freedom even when committed to a longterm relationship. You might find this, Sagittarius, in a union with someone who was born under either a Fire sign, like yourself, or one of the Air, signs, perhaps.


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