Scorpio Lovers and Scorpio Relationships

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Scorpio is one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac. You have a magnetic personality and you tend to attract the opposite sex like moths to a lightbulb. It amuses you that some show their open admiration and interest. Sometimes you’ll flirt with these people, teasing them and leading them on. Other times it bores you that you can read them like a book. You want more from your relationships than someone who’s willing to “bow at your every command”. Scorpios need a challenge; something to get their teeth into.

The person who captures YOUR heart will be intelligent but practical with it. Someone with foresight and imagination. You have powerful emotions and this will scare those with a more sensitive nature away. At the same time, you don’t respect cold, callous types. Your partner must share and understand the emotional and passionate side of your personality.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the more serious side of your nature. Scorpios never do anything by halves and this means that you don’t enter into relationships lightly. You will be honest, dependable and true to the one you love. You will expect the same kind of loyalty in return.

The Scorpio’s Jealous Streak

Maybe you won’t want to admit it but Scorpios have very jealous and suspicious minds. But in the words of an old song “you can’t build your dreams on suspicious minds.” You must learn to trust your loved-ones. As they too must understand this side of you and learn not to provoke it.

Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac and it stands to reason that ‘platonic’ relationships aren’t for you. You need a loving, passionate and very fulfilling physical partnership.

Female Scorpios need a powerful lover. You’d soon become tired of someone who is ‘all talk and no action.’ Male Scorpios need an imaginative woman who likes to experiment and have fun. You really aren’t amused by those who swoon at your feet, making eyes at you all day. Your partner also needs to be devoted to your relationship. When you make a commitment, it’s an old fashioned ’til death do us part’ one.

Ideal Scorpio Partner

All in all, what you don’t want in a relationship is a partner who is flirtatious and frivolous. Your lover must take love, romance and passion as seriously as you do. You are looking for a lasting love and obviously, a warm, loving and sensual love too.

Scorpio you have lots to give. Passion, sincerity, deep love and loyalty. And generally, I’d say that it will probably be someone who is born under a Water sign like yourself, such as another Scorpio, Cancerian or Piscean in whom you’ll find your soul mate.


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