Libra Lovers and Libran Relationships

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Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac related to the house of partnerships. This makes love and romance one of the most important things in your life.

tI’s certainly an important one in your life. And true, many Librans will get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from their partnerships. But there are some born under the seventh sign who seem to go into one relationship after another without finding real happiness.

The loving planet Venus rules Libra. You have a charming personality and most LIbrans have good manners, a pleasing appearance and a sociable outlook. It’s rare to find an uncouth Libran, just as you prefer harmony to discord. You’re the type of person who feels very uncomfortable in noise or aggressive surroundings.

This says a lot for your relationships. For you will go out of your way to keep the peace at all times. Whether this means telling the odd little white lie, or going along with other folks’ ideas even if you don’t believe in them. Sometimes it’s difficult to know your own mind when you seem to subconsciously tell others what they want to know and you will say the things they want to hear. But where does that leave you?

Libra and Relationships

Close relationships ARE important to Librans. Of course, you can get along on your own but you tend to grow bored with your own company. You like to be around people and you like to work in partnerships. Librans get on with most everyone. – At first at least. – You can easily charm the opposite sex and you don’t really worry much about romance because Cupid seems always to hang around lucky you! Even attached Librans will know that there are those waiting in the sidelines for a chance to enjoy your company. Needless to say, you’re a very popular person.

But, as with all the Sun Signs, you need someone who is compatible with yourself before you can find romantic fulfilment. Your relationships mean so much to you and if you make the wrong choice, this could lead to a good deal of heartache. A partner with a strong and demanding nature will exhaust you. Someone who is critical of your every move will leave you tense and strained in your attempts to please. A partner who has no sense of fun will make life dull and boring.

What Partner Might Suit a Libran?

Libra is not a particularly practical sign. So it would help too, if you could find someone who’ll take care of the financial side of affairs. – Someone you can trust and who won’t take you for a ride. But the most important consideration is for you to find a partner who relates to you on a mental level. Does he or she share your generous outlook, a need for variety, a sense of humour? Will your partner accept your other relationships? – Remember, you won’t stop being ‘sociable’ simply because you’re part of a ‘twosome’. To restrict you and limit your social life would be like clipping the wings of a butterfly.

Librans in Love

In love you are affectionate and romantic. Candlelit dinners for two; dancing the night away at a party or a disco; showering your partner with gifts galore. You know how to make someone feel as if they’re the most important thing in your life. Just as Libra, you need a partner who will make you feel special too.


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