Virgo Lovers and Virgo Relationships

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Some people might think that Virgos aren’t very romantic but that isn’t altogether true. You take love and romance very seriously – perhaps more seriously than most. And because of this, you may be more cautious and careful about this area of your life. You certainly aren’t a person who goes in for one night stands as you want something more permanent and stable when it comes to love. But it isn’t always easy to relax and enjoy the more exciting side that romance has to offer.

Why is this Virgo? Well, the questions probably going through your mind when you seriously consider your love-life is: Why can’t I ‘let go’ and enjoy myself as others seem to do. Why is it so difficult for me to find someone to love? What kind of person am I really looking for and is my dream-lover actually out there somewhere? WellVirgo, I’m going to try to answer these for you.

Now Virgo is not a particularly outgoing sign. It takes time for you to relax in a social setting and if you aren’t especially keen on socializing a lot, it’s not surprising that when faced with a member of the opposite sex you feel all awkward and tongue-tied. On top of this, you have a careful, cautious and ‘very particular’ nature. Your reserved manner means that you don’t like to draw attention to yourself. You usually behave implacably in public and you NEED a partner you can trust to do the same.

The Virgo Lover

Where others might see their relationships with the opposite sex as a ‘bit of fun’, something to brag about or to gossip about on a rainy day, Virgo, you’re very different. What goes on between you and your partner is private and special. It’s unusual for a Virgo to experience many love-relationships. More likely, you’ll find yourself with the same partner for quite some time. (Preferably for life!) – Well, it did take some time to find him or her so why shouldn’t you expect the relationship to last!

If you haven’t yet found your dream lover, don’t worry. You probably have a good idea about what you’re looking for in a mate and not everyone is going to meet your high standards. Eventually, you’ll be introduced or you’ll meet someone who comes close to these ideals.

But for all Virgos, it’s worth remembering that not everyone is perfect. Once a relationship has begun, don’t pay too much attention to those little faults you can’t help noticing every now and again. Virgos can be very critical without really meaning to be and your partner may start feeling as if he or she isn’t good enough for you.

What Virgo Needs in a Partner

It probably goes without saying that a partner who doesn’t take their love relationships seriously is no good for you. You won’t understand or tolerate a restless, inconsistent, unreliable or flirtatious lover. You must be able to trust your partner. He or she must not be overly demonstrative as you don’t feel comfortable with public displays of affection.

Some people have dreams of “sailing off into the sunset” with a lifetime of adventure ahead. Virgos prefer to think that your future is solid and secure. A steady routine means that you always know where you stand. What you need most of all then, is a lasting, reasonably loving and steady relationship.


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