Leo Lovers and Leo Relationships

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Leo is linked with the fifth house of the zodiac and that’s the house which is associated with love, romance and luck. And Leo, you are generally fun-loving, warm and optimistic by nature.

Your ruline planet the Sun makes you generous, loving and giving. Indeed, of all the signs of the zodiac, Leos were tailor-made to love and be loved. There’s nothing you like more than being a part of a a loving, special and rewarding relationship. – Leos who are happy in romance simply shine. But, on the other hand, if you don’t feel truly at ease in your partnership, then your personality will lack spark. A Leo who doesn’t feel loved will find that all areas of life tend to suffer as a result. For you just won’t be as gregarious and fun-loving as usual.

Leos are out-going and adventurous. You will need a partner who shares your sense of optimism and adventure. Life is for enjoying and a lover who doesn’t want to have fun isn’t the one for you. Female Leos are attractive and dignified in appearance. As you enjoy being the centre of attention, you’ll be disappointed if men didn’t show their interest in you, wouldn’t you? You like to be admired and you enjoy flirting with the opposite sex. But on saying this, you don’t play games. When you begin a relationship, you’re serious in the hope that it won’t be a fleeting one. You’re hoping to find your one true love.

Male Leos are quite proud Leos. It’s likely that your lover will be attractive of course, and someone you’ll be proud to have at your side. You’re a jealous lover and you aren’t too pleased when your mates show interest in your girl. Others MUST recognise this and you’ll show it in your protective attitude towards her. She too must give you no cause to be suspicious.

Leo Lovers

Leos are romantic, generous, wonderful lovers and affectionate towards their loved-ones. You were born under a Fire sign and this makes the physical side of your relationship important to you. Your partner will be left in no doubt about your feelings for him or her.

But what else can I tell you about your relationships? Are you happy, for instance, to let your partner make the rules? Would you be content to leave important decisions in their hands? Are you inclined to play a submissive role? Well, I have to say ‘no’ to all of these on all accounts. You see, Leos do like to feel they’re in control. There is no way you’ll ever bow down to anyone. Admit it, you’re just the type of person who likes to have the last word and really, you’d like your partner to accept this! A word of advice however:- Maybe you should let others feel as if you’re interested in what they have to say, some of the time. Remember that a very important aspect of a partnership is ‘give and take’. Don’t do too much of one and not enough of the other.

What Leo Needs in a Partner

Now I’ve said that as a Leo you like to be in the driving seat haven’t I. But that doesn’t mean that you want a partner who has no get-up-and-go. You don’t really understand people who get all-emotional and sensitive about things. It’s a waste of time getting involved in emotional scenes, isn’t it? You’re a more practical-minded soul. You see facts for what they are and you like to think that your head rules your heart. What you really need is someone who is sensitive, passionate and loving and someone who will always respect your need to be the centre of attention!

Nonetheless, you ARE huge-hearted Leo, and you MUST take care when giving your heart away. A relationship that doesn’t work will leave you devastated for a while. But Leo is a basically optimistic sign. You’re seldom without a partner for long and in love and romance, you have a habit of landing on your feet.


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