Gemini’s Love Life and Relationships

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What can the stars tell you about your love-life? Well, the way we look at love and romance often depends on our personalities. And Gemini is one of the most sociable and easy-going signs of the zodiac. You don’t really want a complicated lifestyle and that goes for your love-life as well.

That’s why, as soon as you sense someone has visions of permanency or is making too many demands on you, you’ll start wondering whether this is what you really want out of your relationship. Of course there’ll come a time when you’ll want to think about settling down but before then you want to exercise your itchy feet and sow your wild oats, so to speak. – You want a taste of all life has to offer.

What Kind of Relationship is Gemini Looking For?

So what kind of relationship are you looking for? Well, you want a fun-loving partner who shares your own need for variety. Geminis would soon be bored with lovers who lack imagination and who live each day in the same routines with no thought of breaking them.

You aren’t an over-emotional person and you aren’t really a person who goes in for public displays of affection. Therefore, you’d feel uncomfortable with lovers who want to touch, hug and caress all the time. You don’t mind talking about love, however, and you’re just

the type of person who spends hour upon hour on the ‘phone talking to the one you love.

Maybe you aren’t a ‘romantic’ as such, but you do have a spontaneous nature and you’ll often come up with little surprises that brighten your lover’s day. If you’re in the money, male Geminis might feel inspired to book a weekend in Paris, or a trip away closer to home, to please your lover. Just as you’d welcome a partner who might spring a few surprises on YOU too, every now and again.

What Geminis Dislike Most in Romance

If there’s one thing you really dislike when it comes to love, it’s a possessive or jealous partner. You don’t see why you should answer to anyone and you’ll simply refuse to respond to questions which make you feel as if your lover’s suspicious of you. If he or she doesn’t trust you then maybe they should be prepared for your relationship to end.

Gemini is a sociable sign and you enjoy all your relationships. This means you don’t want your friendships with the opposite sex to be spoiled by a possessive partner. Just because you enjoy someone’s company doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sleeping together. Your partner must understand this side of your nature. He or she must be willing to share you and hopefully share your friends. If you move in the same social circles you’ll get on better than you would with a partner who prefers his or her own circle of friends.

Gemini’s Choice of Partner

So Gemini, when it comes to love, you need an easy-going partner who isn’t going to restrict you in any way. Be careful about this. The wrong choice can lead to all sorts of problems. The right one can lead to ‘paradise’.


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