How to Live a Charmed Life

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Do you ever feel that some people just seem to live a charmed life? They almost always have a smile on their face and it appears that everything goes their way? You can live that life also. Here is how.

The “secret” to a charmed life lies within you. You have the power to live a charmed life and while you were too busy chasing the meaning of life, it has been there all the time. You just forgot what it was and how to find it.

The power to live a charmed life is using the power that we all possess. That power is how you choose to react to life. You can see yourself as a victim of circumstances or you can see the opportunities for change, learning and finding the positive in a negative situation.

You can use the “bad” things that happen to you to learn a life lesson, find out what works better for your life and grow as a human being. You can stop fear and worry from overwhelming you and keeping you from adapting to the inevitable changes in life.

Whatever happens in your life, whether it be a serious injury, medical challenge or loss of a relationship or loved one, it is necessary in your life. If you allow it to destroy you, it will. If you use your power to rise above it, you will.

When bad things happen and you react as a powerless victim, you invite more negativity into your life. Before long, stress and anxiety overwhelm you and you sink into depression that you often have trouble coming out of.

People who appear to live a charmed life do not escape “bad” things happening to them, they just know how to react in a way that does not destroy them. They can find the good in any situation and they believe they are stronger for learning how to cope.

We all must learn coping skills because there are stresses that we cannot possibly avoid. It is not about being ready for battle but learning how to swim with the tides.

It is not about juggling our way through life but finding the balance that makes us happier and more able to live a life that seems charmed. Finding the joys that are present and recognizing them with gratitude instead of noticing only the dark things makes the joys stand out more.

It takes practice especially when you have sunk into a cycle of drama. Start off each day by being thankful for another opportunity to live life. Remember what you have (family, friends, relationships) that are good and even if there are difficult people in your life, concentrate on what makes them unique and what they give to your life.

Anyone can live a charmed life because we all have the secret power inside of us. We just need to be reminded.


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