How to deal with Bee Stings

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What to do if you get stung by a bee? Well the first thing to do is, obviously, pull out the stinger, the longer that stays attached, the more posion is pumped into the body, and so the worse the reaction will be. It seems there is some disagreement over the best way to remove the stinger, some people have said that it should be removed sidewides, and scraped out with coin or credit card, but others seems to think it dosnt really mater how the stinger is removed.  

For most people there is very little that needs to be done after this, the person will feel some pain and a little bit of itchiness, but overall, for most people, bee stings are pretty harmless. A friend of mine said however that applying ice to the stung area can help relieve the effects of the sting. However if there is any swelling or any other signs besides mild pain from a sting it is best to consult a medicail proffessional, if there is any extreame reaction you should probably ring the emergency services, as some people are allergic to bee stings and it could be a life and death matter. Bee stings to the inside the mouth for instance, could be dangerous if there is swelling it could block the airways. One way to avoid bee stings inside the mouth is to be careful if you are drinking a can of drink outside, with sticky soda drinks the bees could be attracted to the sweet liquid and go inside! So watch out!


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