How to save money on your healthcare and medicine

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Step1 Ask your doctor if you can pay cash for a discount on the spot.

This could help you save money if you have a high co-pay or no insurance. Doctors have to wait to get paid by insurance companies and would sometimes prefer to get money up front. You could save up to 30%. Offer to pay the Medicare reimbursement average instead of the full price. This could really help if you don’t have health insurance.

Never hurts to ask!
Step2 Buy re-occurring prescriptions in advance.

90 day prescriptions can be filled at CVS, Walgreens, Target and other chain stores. For example, at CVS you can buy a 30 day generic prescription for about $10 or with the CVS Health Savings Pass you can get a 90 day prescription filled for the same price. You can save on brand-name drugs too.
Step3 Do doctor visits online. charges $35 a month, plus $50 and up for e-mail, video chat and IM consultations with one of their staff physicians. Save money on gas, save time you would spend in a waiting room and save on those high cost visits.
Step4 Get antibiotics at Stop and Shop right now for free.
Step5 Try a dentistry school for simple procedures, like cleanings.

If you live near or in a major city you can probably find a dentistry school. They need real people to work on and you get a huge discount. Downside is that you may end up spending twice as much time there than at a regular dentist but you could save 50% or more. This is great if you don’t have dental insurance.

Step6 Try an acupuncture school.

Again if you live near or in a major city you may be able to find an acupuncture school that will charge you considerably less than seeing a private practitioner. Acupuncture can help you with many ailments, from headaches to back pain and a lot more.


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