How to Talk to Your Baby to Improve Communication Skills

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Step1momandbaby_Thumb.jpg talking to your baby in real english Talk about the present.

Tell the baby what is going on like a narrator would tell a story. For example if you’re giving the baby a bath explain what your doing with the soap and shampoo and why. It’s okay that your baby will probably just have a blank stare but at least this will get you talking.


Ask your baby questions.

Sure your baby can’t answer yet but you can. Ask a question, pause as though the baby were going to respond and then say the answer yourself out loud.


Imitate what your baby does.

By imitating your baby’s coos and ahhs you are setting the stage for when your baby will be imitating your language.

Step4singinggirl_Thumb.jpg lalala Try singing.

I can’t carry a tune to save my life! Luckily my daughter doesn’t care. She loves when I sing anything, even grocery lists.

Step5newspaperandglasses_Thumb.jpg todays headlines Read out loud to your baby.

I like to read the newspaper, so I read that to my baby. reading out loud is particularly helpful when you just really have no idea what to talk about.

Step6babylisteningtoheadphones_Thumb.jpg music is great too, i wouldn’t put headphones on a baby though Change the pitch of your voice.

Some babies prefer high pitched voices. While others prefer lower pitches. Experiment to see which appeals to your baby. This can help increase their attentiveness to you.

Step7stopsign_Thumb.jpg STOP! Finally, don’t overdo it.

If your bay becomes inattentive, cranky or fussy he or she is probably telling you they’ve had enough chatter for the time being.


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