Start an Outie Belly Button Gallery to Ease Your Insecurities

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An outie belly button gallery can ease insecurities regarding your physical appearance. If you are like many other people, you may have considered having plastic surgery because you are not happy with your physical appearance. While plastic surgery may change how you look, it will not change the negative feelings you have towards yourself and the underlying belief that you will never be good enough.

To start an outie belly button gallery, take a picture of your naval and place it on a photo sharing site. Next, invite all of your friends to take pictures of their navals to add to the outie belly button gallery, making sure to specify that it doesn’t matter if they are thin or thick, tall or short. The object is for your outie belly button gallery to realistically reflect the range of belly button appearances that are normal.

Once you have a collection of images in your outie belly button gallery, you can take turns commenting on the images. Use social networking sites to invite others. I bet you will find that more people than you were aware of have outie belly buttons. They may even be willing to add their pictures to the outie belly button gallery.

In the process of building your outie belly button gallery, your confidence will be built up, as you will se that your physical appearance is normal; and you will have the added bonus of feeling good about helping others that have the same insecurity you do. Your body is specially made and lovable just the way it is.


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