Is That an Authentic GUCCI Handbag or a Knock-off? What did He REALLY Buy You!

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All Gucci purses have perfectly cut leather especially noticeable around the interior zippered pocket. The length of the stitching between the leather will be the same all the way around. Gucci purses also have a controllato card which means ‘checked’ in Italian. It’s part of the quality control system Gucci uses to bolster it’s authenticity.

 Look for correct font and placement on the card. Authentic controllato cards have the word “GUCCI” in capital letters, centered at the top of the card in a dark grey background. Underneath this you’ll find the word “controllato” in lower case letters centered on the card. This is an important thing to note, underneath the word ‘controllato’ you’ll see the numerals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. This is what differentiates an impostor card from an authentic card.

 The dust bag you receive with your purse is a dead give away to distinguish between off brand and authentic. You can have 1 of 2 versions Gucci makes. Both have drawstring enclosures. One dust bag has a GG logo with the second G upside down. The interior will have a white tag saying “GUCCI” made in Italy. The second type dust bag has the words “GUCCI” in gold across the front. This bags’ interior tag is black with the word “GUCCI” and made in Italy on it.

Lastly the distinguishing feature unique to each Gucci purse is the serial tag number. You’ll always find a leather tag on the interior of the bag below the zippered pocket if the purse has an interior pocket. If there’s no interior pocket, there will be a tag stitched where the pocket would be usually placed. The top of the tag has a small capital R inside a circle, with the word “GUCCI” made in Italy. The tag will be leather, and style or model number ( a 4-6 digit serial number) is stamped in leather. BTW, GUCCI zippers are usually quite difficult to open and close all the way. Now, go home, take out your GUCCI purse and see if you have the Genuine deal. I hope you weren’t take in by a swindler.

Only you need to know if it’s the real deal, you can keep the off-brand secret to yourself!

If someone bought this purse for you and tells you it’s authentic and now you KNOW it’s not, I’d advise not telling them you know the difference, because what good will it do now?


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