Domestic Abuse Escape Preparation: be ready to leave quickly, should it ever become needed

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In this country, many thousands of men and women live in abusive relationships. Most of them are nonviolent, but abusive none the less. Those who are in violently abusive relationships should become aware it is only a matter of time before that explosive anger becomes much more than just a few bruises, and scratches. Regardless of the nature of the abuse, if you are choosing to live with it, you need an escape plan, just in case.

As you are trying to determine what your plan will be, you need to consider your options and needs. If you have children they should come first in your escape plan. You need to have a place to go, with your children, where you and the children will be safe. If need be contact the local shelters and identify an escape route, or method, if the need should ever arise. Keep the phone number some place you always have access to it. If you have other resources such as close friends or family, make sure you keep those handy as well.

Second thing you will want to do as you are preparing a potential escape plan is that you need all of your important records together outside your home. Some place you can get to once you leave. In this box you will need the following:

SSN cards for you and your children

Shot records for your children

Drivers License

Your final Will and Testament

Bank Account Information

Cash/Prepaid Credit Cards

Resume – up to date

Small Toys/Activities

Doctors Contact Information

Phone book with family and friends listed

Include any other information that may be vital for your family specifically

Prayerfully the need for this action will not ever surface. Should the unfortunate need arise, such preparation will enable swift but safe escape to a new environment. The secondary blessing in this preparation is that should a need arise that is non-domestic abuse related, you will be equally prepared. These simple steps require your attention, only a few times a year, if not used and may become the best steps you’ve taken to protect your family, particularly your children.


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