Ways to Stop Smoking Without Going Cold Turkey

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To stop smoking without going cold turkey, you will want to set a goal date, make a plan, buy some small lollipops, and some plastic straws, which you will cut in half. Also, have a notebook to carry with you while you are working toward your goal.

Once you decide what your goal date will be, write it down. Give yourself  the time you need. Will it take six weeks, or six months? Unlike quitting cold turkey, reducing the amount of cigarettes in your life a little at a time allows you to have more control over the effects of nicotine leaving your system. Some of us who were not successful quitting cold turkey found this to be an easier way.

Make a plan! List the most important cigarettes of the day. Do you need one with your morning coffee? Do you always smoke while on the phone? Do you usually smoke while driving? List the ones you are keeping, and the cigarettes you are able to give up. You decide the minimum amount of cigarettes you need to survive the  day. For most, 10 cigarettes a day seems to be the starting point. Once you have the fist amount in mind, you decide if you need two weeks, or just one, before again cutting the number of cigarettes you smoke.

Prepare. Keep lollipops on hand so you will be able to satisfy any oral fixation you may have. Straws, which have been cut in half, are good for anyone who misses having something to hold, or wants to avoid the sugar in the lollipops. Yes, you will actually put a straw in your mouth when you feel the need to smoke, but want to save the next cigarette for later.

Determine that you will not smoke in your house, in your car, or allow others to smoke near you. Ask friends for your support in this life altering, possibly life saving decision. Take action. You can do this. Millions before you have, and we are here for you! Just ask those around you who have stopped to help you when you feel tempted.

Before your first day: Clean your car, your home, and your work area. Stale cigarette odors may make you feel ill once you are smoking less.

Make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned.

Be sure your family and friends understand how serious you are, and how important this is to you. Some may even join you in this effort. Wouldn’t that be great?


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