Have You Lost Your Tax ID Number, and Need to Retrieve It for Tax Season? Here’s How to Take Care of It

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In the event you lose your paperwork with your Tax ID number because of a move or fire, don’t fret. The first thing you could can try to do is call the Internal Revenue Business Tax office. This may seem like an easy step, but since this is the time of year to file taxes and get returns you may be put on hold for quite a while. You will listen to many automated prompts and you must have some knowledge of what query’s will be asked of you. If you feel that you don’t have hours to spend on the phone explaining your dilemma to each operator, try calling your own tax accountant. He should have records of your EIN number on file.

 This is also his busiest time of year, so be polite when requesting this information. Usually you’ll have to talk to the secretary first and then provide as much information about your corporation or business entity as possible. A good solution is to ask your tax adviser to Fax you with this information as soon as possible.

Please note that you will not be allowed to retrieve this information online because of abuse of fraud. To talk to your representative you will need basic information about your company. Mailing address, company name, and you may have to give your social security number to them for them to be sure it is you asking for this information and not a scam artist. Once you’ve received this information. Document it and file it in with your permanent records. You will need to refer your EIN on all your tax-related correspondence and documents.

To obtain tax forms and publications including Tax Identification Numbers or Employee Identification Numbers, you can visit the Web site at www.irs.gov

If you don’t have access to the internet, call 1-80-829-3676

TTY/TDD 1-800-829-4059 or visit your local IRS office

The IRS will not be able to generate a duplicate copy of this information for you, but your tax accountant may be able to copy and mail or fax you the information


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