Beauty And Sustainability – Recycled Glass Tiles by Bedrock Industries

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At Bedrock Industries, they believe in living responsibly, acknowledging that our planet’s resources are limited, by providing products that are made from 100% recycled glass.  Bedrock’s reputation as a glass recycler in Seattle, Washington invites donations of damaged glass goods for recycling. Zero pigments are used in their recycling methods and they have saved hundreds of tons of material that otherwise would have went into landfills. Glass is wholly recyclable making them an ideal material choice for new products.  Bedrock Blazestone shows  how beautiful sustainability can truly be.

Each Blazeton tile is sold individually, with 28 colors, numerous shapes and sizes.  Prices range from 2 to 35 dollars and are shipped in 100% recycled shipping materials.  Even though there are local distributers all over the US, manufacture and shipping from Washington State may provide a large carbon footprint depending on your distance from Seattle.  This carbon footprint may also be amplified by the electricity powering the the glass reprocessing.  If powered from a renewable source, glass that is recycled without added oxides like Blazeton tiles, will emit very low to zero amounts of carbon dioxide providing a great solution for clean recycling.

Bedrock does not provide life cycle cost analysis, though glass is quite durable and will stand the test of time.  It is easy to clean with green household cleaners.   Any tiling job is only as good as how it is adhered to the walls and floors. Bedrock recommends installation with Thinset mixed with an acrylic add-mix.  Once cured, the spaces should be grouted, and then sealed.  The grout must be resealed periodically per manufacture’s recommendations.  These products are VOC free and emit small amounts of CO2 while curing.  The tile does not require sealing beyond periodic cleaning.




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