Shall We Dance


Your Doctor may not tell you this, but dancing is good for your heart, your reflexes and your balance. So if you are not into traditional dances, these may be easier:

1. Pole Dancing:

The clothes don’t come off (naughty, huh?), but the flab does. Swinging around a pole strengthens arms and cuts waistlines. It’s an incredible core workout minus the drudgery of sit-ups. A student really gets hot and bothered during the sultry floor workouts and rave about how the butt gyration loosens tight hips.

2. Hula Dancing:

Hula Dancing means to conjure up the warmth of the Hawaiian Spirit. The constant akalewa (figure-eight swaying of the hips) makes it extremely aerobic. It’s a good low-to-no impact workout that sculpts the core, legs and arms. And the perfecting the Kaholo (hula step) while keeping the hips going and telling a story through hand movement is a serious lesson in coordination.

3. Capoeira:

Part martial arts, part acrobatics and part dance, two enthusiasts “ play” in a circle by ducking and dodging blows while getting in a few of their own through a series of one-handed dance stands, fly, kicks, and mid-air swirls.. It’s excellent for cardio, core strength, balance and flexibility and the need for quick thinking hones reflexes and reaction time.

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