Is Helium a Blog?

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Helium and blogging are two very different things, but some people may wonder is Helium a blog? The most simple of the answers to the question is Helium a blog is that no, Helium is not a blog. To understand why Helium is not a blog, it is important to understand some things about Helium, as well as some things about blogs.

Blogs are typically websites run by a single person or by a small group of people, dedicated to a small and singular niche topic. In some cases a blog may be aimed at a demographic such as young men between ages of 20-30 and the types of things that they may be interested in. More often, however, blogs are dedicated topics sports or video games.

Helium, in contrast, is not dedicated to a single topic. If you can imagine a topic under the sun, you are likely to find articles about that topic at Helium. The fact is that Helium is a large warehouse of information covering multiple topics and appealing to multiple demographics.

In addition, Helium has multiple writers. In fact, Helium has thousands of writers. You can find opinions on given topics from literally thousands of people. On Helium a single given topic may have more than a hundred different people that have written about that topic and you can read about that topic from each writers point of view. Blogs, in contrast, tend to be more monolithic in their views.

Blogs are also controlled by the owner and/or the writer. Helium is not. Helium is controlled by the Helium Company. Once you write an article to Helium, the writing, while you maintain the copyright, stays on Helium forever. In a blog, you can remove your writing, or change your writing or take it down altogether. On Helium you have no such ability.

Both Helium and blogs have the potential for making money, but the format of Helium is very different from the format of a blog. When you make money with a blog you make it through your own affiliate sales or through advertising income that you set up, such as Google Adsense. When you make money on Helium, it can be through any number of ways, such as writing contests, The Marketplace, or through advertising income that Helium sets up and then shares a portion of the revenue with you.

Finally a blog is typically updated on a regular basis by the writer. Helium is not necessarily updated regularly. While many Helium writers chose to regularly update and write new article those articles aren’t published in a sequential order in the way that a blog often is.


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