Comparing Writing for Helium and Blogging

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Writing for Helium and blogging are two entirely different endeavors. In order to compare writing for Helium and blogging it is important to first understand what Helium is and what its purpose is and what blogging is and what the purpose of a blog is.

Helium is an article writing website where thousands of users are able to submit articles for publication on the site. Because of this, Helium has a wide diversity of opinion and has a wide base of topics. Helium is, in many ways, a information depository covering just about anything you might be interested in reading or writing about.

A blog, however, is generally aimed for a single niche topic. A blog centers on a category of thought and ideas that the reader is interested in and that the writer is interested in writing about. A blog often only has a single writer, or perhaps, as is the case of some team blogs, a handful of writers. Regardless, a given blog isn’t going to have thousands of writers in the same way that Helium does.

Writing for Helium and blogging are also different in the way that you write. When you write for Helium, you are writing to compete with the other people who are also writing articles on Helium as well. You are also writing so that you can generate search engine traffic so that you can get more views on your articles. If your articles get more views you get more visitors who might click on the ads. When visitors click on the ads,  both Helium and you make money.

In contrast, when you write for a blog you are writing for your targeted audience. This doesn’t mean that you do not write blog articles with search engine principals in mind and it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money from a blog. In fact, there is plenty of potential to make money from a blog. Some people would argue that there is more potential to make money from a blog than there is by writing at Helium. However, the way that you go about it on a blog is very different than how you go about it at Helium.

On a blog, you develop your own following of readers that are interested in that niche topic that you are writing about. You work to develop yourself as an authority so that at some point you can recommend products and services and earn commissions, or sell your own products or services. On Helium you aren’t going to necessarily write with the purpose of developing authority and a following among your readers.

Blogs do tend to develop loyal followings. Over time some blogs wind up with millions of people who follow those blogs on a regular basis. While it is possible at Helium to build followers who enjoy reading your articles, Helium is geared more toward the community and toward the idea that there are several people writing on any given topic.

Whether you chose to write for Helium or for a blog really depends, in many ways, on your writing style as well as what your purpose in is. If you want to express opinions, you can do that both at Helium and on a blog, but if you want to develop a community of followers, a blog is better suited to that task than Helium is.

In the end, choosing whether you are going to be writing for Helium or blogging is a personal choice based on your specific desires and needs.


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