Basics of Helium

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If you are new to writing on Helium it can be beneficial to try to understand some of the basics of Helium. Understanding the basics of Helium will help you to not only have a more enjoyable time while you are writing at Helium, but it will also help you to increase your earnings while you are writing at Helium.

One of the basics of Helium is the concept of multiple opinions. Any give article title can have many people writing to the title. There are some titles on Helium that literally have hundreds of authors who have written articles. This situation is made more interesting by the rating system. The rating system at Helium is designed so that users, readers and writers can chose between various articles on Helium deciding which one has more value.

Understanding the rating system at Helium is important to understanding the basics of Helium. The rating system at Helium is designed so that readers can pick between a set of articles as to which is better than the other. Rating is beneficial in several ways. First, it gives you the opportunity to look at some articles with the editor’s eye and practice your own editing skills. Second, it allows you to listen to a variety of opinions that you might not otherwise be exposed to. Rating also allows you to gain to feedback on your own writing. As people rate your articles they may leave comments and feedback that can help you to become, in the long run, a better writer.

Making money is another aspect of Helium. The basics of Helium include some very specific money making opportunities. First of all, there are the regular contests. While these contests have taken different formats and forms over the years, the idea is the same. People write to a given set of topics and other people rate those articles. Based on the article’s rating the article receives points. Once those articles are rated, the writers that have the highest number of points receive a cash reward.

Another one of the basics of Helium is the Marketplace. The Marketplace allows publishers to come to Helium and ask for specific types of content. Writers then write articles based on those specific topics. Articles in the Marketplace may pay anywhere from a few dollars upwards to over $200 for the particular article that is chosen for the topic.

Ultimately, it is important to also understand that you can make recursive and residual income at Helium. One of the basic principals of Helium is that you can make money on your articles over time. As more people view your articles, and as Helium generates more advertising revenue by placing ads on those pages, then you are given a share of that advertising revenue. So, Helium becomes a no-maintenance or low-maintenance source of income for the article writer.

If you are new to Helium the best way to get started is just to jump in. Pick some topics that you are interested in and write to those topics. Try entering a contest or attempt to write to a Marketplace title. Eventually you will find that it can be a very rewarding experience both personally, as a writer, and financially.


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