How to Make Some Fast Money

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Forget everything you’ve heard up until this point. If you’ve tried making money online before and it hasn’t worked, you need to forget everything you know and have heard right now. If it didn’t work that means you need to broaden your horizon with information that can actually help you succeed in making money online.

Know all the different sites.

There are tons of sites that you can start making money off of. Some of them are scams, however, some of them are really legitimate. Only go forward with the sites that you can actually get real peoples statements on saying they are legitamite. Do your research carefully. Here are some suggested sites in my personal opinion that truly work. 1. eHow: a site based on How-to articles. 2. Blogspot: a site based on Google ad sense, the blogs can be written on anything. 3.SurveySavvy: this is a site that offers paid surveys. It is legitimate. If you’re going to use sites based on articles, to really get good feedback, look up How to Write a Good eHow Article. Even if your not using eHow, the information given is used greatly for all articles. It’s proven successful advice on writing articles that bring in money.


If you don’t already have a paypal account, go ahead and start one. Just go to and sign up, all the steps are right there in front of you. Paypal isn’t a scam and they aren’t going to steal your idenity, the reason I’m saying this is because they ask for your SS# and that can make some people a little set back.

Free up some time. Free up some time on your schedule, so that you can devote as much as possible to your research and setting up all your new accounts. If you really want to be successful, I suggest starting out on eHow. They have everything set up for you, it’s basic and simple and a great way to learn. eHow is a free service, every time you make $10 in one month, or more, your money will be sent to your paypal.


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