Tips for Choosing an Interview Outfit

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An interview suit should have a good fit and fabric. The fit is based on your height and weight. For example, the jacket should align with your shoulders and back while the jacket sleeve should fall at the base of your wrist to prevent it from appearing too short once you sit down. Plus, you want to appear relaxed during the interview and a tight outfit will cause discomfort.

A woman’s skirt should fall at least to the top of the knee so it does not ride upwards while sitting across from an interviewer. Meanwhile, pant hems should fall to the top of your shoes without hitting the floor and gathering dirt and debris.

The interview suit’s fabric should be suitable for all four seasons and have light texture to allow for comfort during the spring, summer, and fall season specifically. For the winter season, you can make subtle adjustments such as wearing a turtleneck underneath your jacket or wearing a slightly heavier texture of tights as a woman or socks as a man.

Traditional suit colors are navy blue, midnight black, and charcoal gray for both genders. A woman may want to accessorize with small earrings, a light blouse or shirt, a neutral-colored purse, and 1 inch solid-colored heels for footwear while a man may want to wear a striped tie with dark socks and shoes and a comfortable shirt.

Maintain your interview outfit by cleaning after each interview and minimizing the amount of times it is worn. For instance, an interview outfit should be worn once every two months. Another option is to a second suit for the less appealing job interviews. 


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