Tips to help you write faster

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To make a living as a writer, especially an Internet writer, you have to consistently produce enough quality content at a fast enough rate so as to make it worth your time. If you spend an hour on an article that pays you $3, you may as well hang up your virtual pen and get a job working at your local fast food restaurant. On the other hand, if you can put out 10 articles in an hour that pay you $3 each, you’re coming closer to making a good living.

Here are some tips that can help you speed up your writing:

* Remove distractions from your writing area. Close programs other than the one you are using to write. Don’t get interrupted by e-mail. Turn the ringer off on your phone if you need to. Get rid of anything that could interfere with your ability to write quickly.

* Develop consistent writing habits. Writing at the same time every day, on a schedule, will improve your effeciency and increase your output, as will writing in the same place and with the same word processing program.

* Do your research prior to writing. If you are trying to learn a new concept while you are writing about that concept, you will almost certainly prolong the writing process. In addition, this is an almost sure-fire way to wind up writing inaccurate information. Doing your research before you write saves time and it saves you headache later on.

* Outline your writing, at least in your head, before you start your writing. If you know what you are going to write about and have some idea of the structure of your writing, it will greatly speed up your process because you won’t have to stop and restart.

* Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation on the first write. When you’re done writing, run your spelling/grammar checker, and then read the piece aloud, correcting any problems as you go. This consolidates the proofreading process, saving you valuable time.

* Don’t forsake quality for speed. In an effort to write more quickly, don’t forget your commitment to quality. Poor writing will not earn you any money anyways, so writing a little bit slower but with higher quality will be more likely to pay off for you in the end.


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