The art of blogging

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The fact of the matter is that not all blogs are created equal. Some blogs are very interesting to read and generate tens of thousands of regular readers; other blogs are horribly written and can’t seem to get anyone else to look at them. In the vast middle of these two extremes are the majority of blogs. There are some very well-written blogs that just can’t seem to get any exposure, and there are some poorly-written blogs that seem to, somehow, get more than their fair share of traffic. Still, most blogs have an average amount of traffic and are written well, if not tremendously well.

How, though, do you take a good blog and make it a great blog? How can you master the art of blogging? There are several pieces to the art of blogging puzzle. They include:

Great content. In many ways, the art of blogging is like other arts: you have to have something that is stimulating to say. If you write about something that no one cares about, if you write about something that a thousand people have already written about, or if you write poorly you will not attract readers. The art of blogging is, in some ways, the art of creating interesting, unique and well-written content.

Active marketing. There are dozens of ways that you can market your blog. Some people rely on social bookmarking sites, such as digg or StumbleUpon, to increase the traffic to their blog. Other people rely on a blog commenting strategy, where they go out day after day to comment on other blogs, hoping folks will navigate back to their blog. Still others rely on an article marketing strategy, writing articles at web sites like Helium, hoping that readers will click on the author’s name, and then go to their “about me” page and see the link to their blog. Regardless of the particular marketing strategy or strategies that you employ, active marketing is key to the art of blogging.

Interaction. Finally, a good blog that will keep people coming back generates a sense of communication and interaction. Responding to comments on your blog, for example, is one way to interact with your readers. By interacting with your readers, you send the message that you value their presence at your blog. The art of blogging is, in many ways, the art of making friends online.


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