Finding websites to pay for articles

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There are many websites that will pay for articles. Most of these web sites are article directories, where anyone can submit an article for publication. Some of these sites, like Associated Content, pay the writer for the performance of the articles. Specifically, Associated Content pays the writer for the number of times the article is viewed. Other web sites, such as Helium, pay the writer for performance, but they do it in a different way. Helium and some other web sites pay the writer based on the way that the article performs. The more that the article makes in advertising revenue, the more that the article directory, such as Helium, pays for the articles.

One of the things that make Helium unique among the websites that pay for articles is that there are multiple ways to earn money at Helium. You can submit articles to the marketplace, for example, that can be purchased by a marketplace vendor. These articles can sometimes pay more than $100 for a single article, which is much more than you will find at other article directories. If you don’t have much luck in the marketplace, you can try the contest area of Helium, where you can be paid for articles that win a weekly competition. These options are on top of the performance payments that Helium offers.

Part of the difficulty in selecting a website to publish your articles is that the websites rarely, if ever, disclose their exact formulas for revenue sharing. The exception, as mentioned above, is Associated Content. The problem with Associated Content is that one article that generates page views may not generate much actual income, while another article may generate large amounts of income. The performance payments at Associated Content, then, aren’t based on anything but the popularity of the article. It is better to be paid for your article’s actual performance, to be sure.

There are other websites that don’t pay for articles at all. EzineArticles is an example of this sort of website. EzineArticles provides the writer with links back to their own web site, rather than paying for articles. Depending on the particular niche that you are writing in, and depending on your overall monetization strategy for your web site, EzineArticles may or may not be worthwhile. Posting at EzineArticles can drive traffic to your site, but it is one website that won’t pay for articles.

Most article writers prefer to test out several web sites over time before settling in on one in particular. The good news is that there are enough sites out there that everyone should be able to find one that suits their needs and their writing style.


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