Reasons for writing online articles

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The Internet has provided an amazing number of opportunities for writers. Among the vast opportunities for writers online include many different online article directories. At these directories, writers submit articles on topics of their own choosing, which are then published on the article directory website. But, why would someone want to write online articles? There are at least three compelling reasons for writing online articles:

1. To make money. Some web sites, such as Helium, pay writers a portion of the revenue that their articles generate. So, you might write an article today at Helium that will continue to generate revenue for you for years to come. While this revenue tends to be small, and while not all articles will generate revenue, over time a high volume of articles could serve to build up quite a residual income.

2. To gain exposure. Another reason for writing online articles is to direct readers to your own web site or blog. Some sites, such as eZineArticles, allow you to include links in your articles that point to your own web site. Other sites, such as Helium, allow you to include a link to your web site or blog only on your author page. Whatever the case, writing online articles can draw traffic to your own blog or web site.

3. To spread an idea. One of the reasons that people write online articles is to spread an idea or to promote a particular point of view. The Internet is a great place to express our ideas and beliefs, and online articles are one of the most practical ways of doing so. In some environments, such as Helium, you can include your online articles as a part of an overall debate on a topic. Sometimes, if you feel strongly about an issue, writing an online article is just the thing you need to get your viewpoint heard.

Certainly there are other reasons for writing online articles. Some writers write online articles to improve their craft. Some write online articles to use in an author’s portfolio. Some write online articles to sell a product. In most cases, an individual may write online articles for several of these reasons all at once.


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