Questioning the importance of quality writing online

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The Internet has provided opportunity for anyone with a computer to put their writing online. Whether it is via a blog, a traditional web page or an article directory like Helium, there is a place for anyone who wishes to express their thoughts and ideas. Along the way, this process of democratization has affected the way people write, the way people read and even the way they think.

These changes raise some important questions. Perhaps the most important question, at least for the Internet writer, is this: “Does good writing matter online?”

The answer is: Yes. Good writing does matter online. In fact, good writing is absolutely necessary online. Here are some reasons why:

* Good writing improves your content. By writing well, you add value to your writing. Your writing becomes more accessible and more readable. Most importantly for some, if you intend to make any money from your Internet writing, good writing makes it more profitable. The opposite is also true: Bad writing or mediocre writing detracts from your content. It makes it harder for your reader to understand your point. It takes away from your message.

* Good writing increases your readership. While good writing alone won’t bring people to your blog or your website, it can bring people back. If you write well, it is likely that people who read your writing will want to share it with others. Poor writing turns readers away. Really poor writing can even prompt readers to tell other people about how horrible your writing really is.

* Good writing enhances your credibility. By demonstrating a mastery of grammar and spelling, you are telling your readers that you are a reliable source of information. Good writing, unless you are writing ABOUT writing, doesn’t create credibility, however. You need to know your subject material and be able to accurately express the related concepts and ideas to be considered credible. But, even if you know your subject material, if you write poorly about it readers will question your reliability.

Poor writing will obscure your message, turn away readers and call your knowledge into question. This is as true online as it is in any other endeavor. Successful Internet writers will use every means at their disposal to write well and to improve their writing craft.


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