Promoting your writing on the Internet

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The Internet creates all sorts of new and interesting opportunities for writers. Whether it is finding new clients for your writing or whether it is honing your craft, the Internet is an invaluable resource, especially for the new writer. One of the most useful things that you can do as a writer has to do with promoting your writing on the Internet.

There are several ways that you can go about promoting your writing on the Internet. Some of these ways can include:

Blogging. Creating a blog promotes your writing to the Internet community in several ways. First, it gives you a live, real-time way to demonstrate your writing abilities to anyone who might want to read your writing. Blogging also provides writing samples in an interactive environment. Potential clients may often be bloggers themselves, and may contact you after seeing your blog.

Portfolios. The Internet provides a way for you to promote your writing by publishing an online portfolio. You can upload samples of various types of work and lay out your web page in such a way that potential clients can view it. Portfolios can appear on a blog, on a regular web site, or on a social web site like MySpace. An Internet portfolio saves you the time and trouble of developing hard copy clips to send to potential clients.

Networking. By participating in Internet forums, social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, or using social networking tools like Twitter, you can get in touch with potential clients. These resources allow you to meet all sorts of folks, many of which may be willing to hire you for your writing services. In addition, they will help to promote your writing via the oldest marketing method known word of mouth.

Article writing. Writing for sites like Helium provides the writer with more exposure for their writing. A webmaster or someone who is seeking to hire a writer could see your article on Helium, click back to your Author page, and then contact you via email or visit your web site.

While doing all of these things doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find writing work on the Internet, they can be guaranteed to increase your level of exposure as a writer.


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