How To Build Muscle Faster

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This article is meant to help people to maximize mucle gain without the use of steroids or other harmful substances.

Step 1

First of all you need to have a place where you can exercise in and that is VERY accessible to you. You want to make it as easy and fast as possible to exercise whenever you can or want. Having exercise equipment in your house or apartment could help but its not needed.

This is the perfect example of exercise equipment that you should own at home. I own one very similar to this one.

Step 2

Once you have decided to start exercising you need to set a schedule and try to stick to it.

You could assign exercise days or hours.

Step 3

Start exercising!!!

Some of the most effective exercises include: pull-ups, chin ups and other bar exercises since they work most of your upper body and will keep you symmetrical (You want to be symmetrical don’t you?). I particularly like push ups and you don’t even need equipment for those. When you start seeing results on your upper body don’t forget to also exercise your lower body.

Pullups are VERY good exercises.

Now I will list a few “secrets” that will drastically help you achieve your goal:

Secret 1

-Try to eat at LEAST 55 grams of BALANCED protein a day. Keep in mind that the bigger you are the more protein you need, 55 grams is the MINIMUM, not the maximum. I recommend about 70 grams or more. Most people can get this amount and more from a healthy diet. If the protein is not balanced, such as in the case of some beans and cereals, you will simply need much more of it or will simply have to combine foods such as pinto beans and rice. If you want more information on this, I would research protein quality on the internet, since there are plenty of helpful sites. is the best for this (I think).In this site you can search almost any food and it will tell you what you need to know! I like this site.

Secret 2

-You want a low fat diet, but not a non-fat diet. You want to see your muscles, but a small amount of fats helps normal body function and muscle creation. Avoid saturated fats and cholesterol. Healthy fats include cold-pressed unsaturated fat oils, nuts, avocados, chia seeds(omega 3), sesame seeds, others seeds, flaxseed (omega 3) and omega 3 fatty acids. I like chia seeds and avocados but that’s just me…
Whether you want more or less fat, you should read nutrition labels to know what you are eating.

Following this recommendation will also make you healthier and fit! Exactly what you need to perform better during your exercise.

There’s little fat here. Less fat will give you more definition.

Secret 3

Sleep at least 8 and a half hours and preferentially more than 9 hours a day. For some reason this seems to be one of the hardest things to do for some people. Sleeping more will drastically improve your mood, energy levels and health when it persists for long periods of time. Also, it helps in muscle creation because your body fixes itself mostly at night. Since muscles grow every time they are forced and repaired, sleeping must be a part of a good successful program.

Secret 3

Don’t avoid carbs. Eat as much of them as you can, as long as they are healthy carbs. If you doubt the importance of complex carbohydrates just take a look at most food pyramids. Complex Carbohydrates are at the base of the pyramid. Eat whole grains, tubers, beans, whole-wheat pasta, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, brown rice, oats, etc. By eating these foods you will not only have enough energy to build muscle and exercise, but you will also now have a nutritious diet! If protein is what muscles are made of, COMPLEX carbs are the energy needed for their creation. Notice I keep saying “Complex” Carbohydrates. Complex Carbohydrates do not include sugar. You should avoid sugar !!! Look at the pyramid again. Sugar is in the smallest section. Do you want diabetes?

*Don’t overeat, since you can only digest so much food at once. Eating more than you can digest is expensive, useless, and unhealthy since too much effort in digestion will cause your body to focus less on other important tasks!!!

Yes, they are at the base (In case you can’t see).

Secret 4

Learn some nutrition and eat your vegetables. Beans and whole grains can supply most minerals, but for a good vitamin nutrition you need leafy vegetables and tubers. Fruit may be sweet, but most fruits lack in the nutritional department WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER VEGETABLES, they can, however have excellent antioxidant properties such as blueberries. Nutritious fruits include: citrus, tomatoes, sweet peppers, avocados, etc…

You should eat lots of vegetables, but remember your protein and energy requirements. Most people eat so little vegetables that they are seriously malnourished. A good portion is at least 4 cups a day of nutrient dense vegetables.

Nooo! Please don’t eat me! noooooooooo argghhhhhh!

Secret 5


Secret 6

Do a small amount of repetitions with a lot of weight rather than the inverse. The goal is to force the muscle, you wont do that with a small amount of weight. If your goal is endurance repetitions should be your focus, but if you want muscle mass, then weight should be your main focus.

This is heavy. You want heavy.

Yep, another iPod picture.

Secret 7

Music can really help make your workouts more fun.

For more info on how to eat to maximize results click on the link to my other article below (resources section).

That’s all. Hope this article was helpful!



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