The best strategies for making money at Helium

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Among all of the different article directories on the Internet, Helium may have the most potential for making money. From the Marketplace to the Writing Contests to performance payments, Helium is ripe with money-making opportunities. Figuring out the best strategies for making money at Helium can only enhance your experience of the site.

The fact that there are multiple streams of potential income at Helium makes it unique. This fact also means that you’ve got to create a specific plan of attack if you’re going to make money on Helium. A part of this process is deciding on an overall money-making strategy, and then implementing tactics that flow from this strategy. Some strategies will work well with some revenue streams at Helium, while some strategies will work better with other revenue streams.

Here are some of the best strategies for making money at Helium:

Writing Contests. One strategy for making money at Helium is writing for the weekly Writing Contests. Every week, Helium gives away prizes to writers who have the highest rated articles in a specific topic. To place in the top 3 of a Helium contest and win a cash prize, you generally will need to write between 7 and 10 articles. There are a variety of theories about how the rating system works, but there is no clear way to manipulate the system. The playing field is fairly level. If your articles are generally highly rated, you should be able to place in contests from time to time.

The Marketplace. Another strategy for making money at Helium is by writing for the Marketplace. The Marketplace features publishers that pay for articles. These publishers have paid more than $200 for some articles. Writing for the Marketplace is a good option if you are ready to follow the publisher’s specifications.

Performance payments. Finally, the most interesting strategy for making money at Helium is through residual income. Because your articles at Helium continue to generate performance payments, you could write an article today and still be making money on it in five years. If you can find enough article topics that are timeless and that people will read, you can make money for years to come.

Certainly there are other strategies for making money at Helium, these are the three that have proven to be the most successful over time.


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