How to convert from MP3 to MIDI

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There are a variety of reasons that a person might want to convert from MP3 file to MIDI format. MIDI format files, for example, are the only type of files that can be used as ringtones for some certain types of cell phones. Converting an MP3 file to MIDI could allow you to use that song as a ringtone for your phone.

The problem, however, is that audio files like MP3s, WMA files, or even WAV files, are very different creatures than MIDI files. MIDI files have specific ways of telling a computer (or cell phone or whatever) how to process and execute synthesized sounds. In other words, MIDI files have to do with using synthesized sounds, whereas other audio files utilize actual recorded sounds.

There are a number of ways to convert from MP3 to MIDI. There are, for example, software programs such as “MP3 to Ringtone Gold” that purport to be able to take a recording on MP3 and make it into a MIDI file. There are web sites, as well, where you can upload an MP3 file and have it converted automatically into a MIDI file.

The real problem with converting from MP3 to MIDI is that MIDI files understand music not as a whole, but as a series of individual notes. The instructions contained in a MIDI file have to do with specific notes being played in sequence. A MIDI file may contain instructions for there to be many different “instruments” or “voices” to play at once, but it ultimately works most effectively with series of single notes played in sequence.

The most effective way to convert MP3 to MIDI is to have a professional musician, who is very familiar with MIDI technology and who has expensive recording and computer equipment separate the various sounds from the MP3 file and convert them to MIDI one at a time. She can then combine the divergent MIDI sequences into a single MIDI file.

In most cases, the average person probably isn’t going to have access to the equipment, software or computer technology necessary to make the best type of conversion. Still, the good news is that the programs and web sites that convert MP3 to MIDI may be sufficient for most folks.


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