What Makes a Good Teacher

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Basically, we all aim to please others. We all want to be accepted and teachers are no different than the rest of us.  The desire serves as the starting point for achievement. Teachers’ basic desire to provide quality education to their students stems from that goal.
Since young people spend more time in school than at home, naturally, expectations from teachers also rise.

It is not easy to become a teacher. One holds a lot of responsibilities in their hands. Among them is the difficult responsibility to mold minds. Being a teacher, the ultimate goal is to help students learn things so they can become upright and productive citizens later on. To do this, a teacher has to transfer information in an effective manner. In the process, students will come to know that the learning doesn’t stop at the classroom.

According to Murphy, et al (2004), teacher’s beliefs and knowledge are the ways in which an educator impart knowledge in the classroom . “The most common distinction between belief and knowledge is that beliefs are based on judgment and evolution, whereas knowledge pertains to objective, verifiable fact.”

Mageehon (2006) conducted a study to determine what makes a “good” teacher good. The study revealed that “the idealized notion of who a good teacher is and the practical notion of what it takes for a…[teacher]to succeed in attaining this…goal may be in conflict”.

It can be gleaned that a good teacher simply acts out an instinct to please others and then go beyond that basic need by doing what she/he can do to bring out the best in others.


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