Brand Name Watches

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Brand conscious customers often choose well known brands for watches.  Brand name watches are greatly sought for by consumers. This is so because a good brand is often synonymous with great quality and durability. These watches also come in great styles and different designs. Functionality of these brand name watches also provide great appeal to buyers aside from its trend-setting styles and highly original creations.

Accutron Spaceview, Anne Klein Watch, Baume Mercier, Bedat Watch, Bell & Ross authorized dealer are but a few of these well known brand name watches. These brands command prices ranging from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Clients sought these watches for value and availability. They are stylish and exquisite timepieces that offer more than just classic good looks to its customers. People who purchase them know what exactly to expect or sought them for the specific features they offer.

For instance, Accutron Spaceview watches do not only offer quality solid gold timepieces but also allow great time reading accuracy. It guarantees time accuracy at within 2seconds per day or 1 minute per month. This Accutron technology was later utilized by NASA in its instrument timers thus paving the way for its Spaceview moniker.

Anne Klein watches are designed to mix and match to anything you wear be it for office or a night out. Women often prefer these watches because they offer relevance and style.

Baume & Mercier are not only known for its top-of-the-line watches but also for their great designs such as the durable and reliable Riviera sports watch intended for active people and Medicus which are made for doctors being equipped with pulse scale that test a man’s pulse.

Bedat watches, on the other hand, are Swiss made and adhere to strict watch-making standards. These watches are constantly upgraded to new, innovative standards to suit the customer’s needs.

Bell & Ross watches are designed for active people or people whose jobs demand that they be operating in unusual environments such as high altitudes, extreme temperatures or fast acceleration. These watches are especially sought after by astronauts, pilots, divers, bomb squad members and others risky professions. Most of the watch models carry their trademark features such as 24-hour counter, dial indices, dial and date, tachometer for speed measure, hands for chonographic and time functions and other distinguishing characteristics.

All these brand name watches are also sold at affordable prices and are meant to be used for long term purposes which make them all the more attractive to clients.


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