What’s in for Spring 2009

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Spring 2009 is all about vintage, ruffles, skinnies, and sheer! The transition from autumn/winter dressing to spring/summer dressing, is a toughie but here are a few trends that i spot.

1) Skinny Pants… Still
Both in denim and trouser styles. So skinny they’re bordering on legging territory; supper 80s, super rock & roll.

2) Interesting and Unexpected Ruffles
Ruffles are the detail of the season. But don’t expect to see them in the same predictable spots or patterns. Designers have really gotten creative with their ruffles for spring.

3) Lightweight and Sheer Fabrics
Billowy chiffons, silks, and satins fashioned in to exquisite draping or dramatic ruffles. Lots of undergarment-esque clothing.

4) New Metallic
For spring the heavy metallic and glossy trends seen in ’08 are being traded for fabrics with a light sheen and shimmer. New metallics are subtler, softer, and less aggressive.

5) Color Blocking
Geometric shapes and cutouts liven up all the subdue grays and neutrals with a pop of bold color.

6) Romper
The one piece combo of shorts and a top like you used to wear when you were little is now all grownup and sexified.

7) A bright bag-The It bag did not die at the end of the last season (even though everyone said it would); not a bit of it. If anything, the credit crunch has made the insanely pricey handbag less accessible and therefore more alluring than ever.

8) Big sunglass- Yes the kinds that make you look like a bumble bee!

And for colors…

1) Cream, White, Champagne and Bone

2) Neutrals (Taupe, Tan, Beige)

3) Shades of Gray


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