My Favorite Vacation Spots

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I don’t have a whole lot of experiences in doing vacations in my later years, but I did do some traveling several years ago. I will write them down as they come to me; they won’t be in a yearly order, but I love all these places for different reasons.

1- Waterbury, Vermont and the surrounding areas are wonderful for the cheese connoisseur like me. I like to go to one of the Cabot stores there; there is another Cabot store in Cabot Vermont. I have been to both. A good time to go is in the fall of the year, so you can see the fiery colors of leaves on the trees.

2- Granville, New York. This is home to the Hicks Apple Farm. This farm is over 100 years old and it was owned by my grandfather. When it was sold in 1978, the name stayed the same. It is so much fun to come here and see what has been done to this farm. The packing house is now also a sit in diner where you sit and eat apple cider and doughnuts. When people come to the Hicks Orchard they come to spend the day. Apple picking starts in September of each year.

3- Cherokee North Carolina is another place I really like to go. I love going into the Native American shops. I stayed with my friend in Big Cove, NC, which is not far from Cherokee. In the summer time there are often singers and guitar players out on the street and you can sit and listen to them.

4- Jekell Island, Georgia is another place that is near and dear to my heart. Jekell is relatively untouched. It has a more natural feel to it. The beaches are not all commercialized. I like walking along the shore picking up sea shells.

5- Tybee Island, GA is an island off from Savannah. I have fun at Tybee also, but there are more people here. The beaches here are more commercialized. There are shops there for you to buy souvenirs and other little what-nots.

6- St. Lawrence Seaway in Messina New York is a wonderful place to go to see the huge ocean vessels go through the locks. You can park your car and watch these ocean liners and cargo ships come through the canal. The St. Lawrence Seaway allows ships to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes. You can stand on the New York side and look over the dam and see Montreal Canada.

7- Saratoga Springs, New York is home of the Saratoga Raceway. If you enjoy horse racing this is a place to go in the spring and summer months.

8- Atlanta Georgia is home to the Atlanta Sea Aquarium. This is an awesome place. You walk through a tunnel to get inside the building to see the many exhibits. When you come through the tunnel you are in a tube and around you and above you is the aquarium filled with all kinds of sharks,whales, dolphins, rays and other fish.

9- Coney Island, New York is a great place for seeing the circus, and riding rides. The roller coaster scared me to death. When you go around these curves you are pushed into the person sitting next to you. I have no idea how many G- forces are exerted on these turns but they will make you feel squashed, but it is so much fun. There is also an aquarium on Coney Island.

10- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the place to go during the summer festivals. There is all kinds of music and food offered at these festivals. Enjoy the ocean and walk the streets munching on all the good stuff for sale.


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