Feeling better about yourself

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Here are five simple things you can do today to build your self-confidence.

1)Look your best. Wear that shirt you’ve been saving for a special occasion and that super-seductive eye shadow. Superficial as it may sound, the way you feel about your appearance on a daily basis can really build self-confidence. Go through a stack of magazines and tear out photos of hairstyles and clothing that are appealing to you. How can you incorporate some of those images into your present look? It takes just minutes a day to polish your appearance, and you’ll instantly look and feel more self-confident. When you look and feel more confident, you’ll act more confident. And when you act more confident, you’ll be more confident.

2)Stand upright. When you are feeling down, you are more likely to slouch and frown, which can make a bad mood even worse. Next time you don’t feel like smiling, pull your shoulders back, stand tall, and smile. Before you know it, your smile will be genuine. And you will be exhibiting a more self-confident you to the world.

3)Catalog your positives. Make a long list of all the accomplishments that you are proud of, and post it where you can see it every day.

4) Be grateful. Start your day by jotting down 5 things you are looking forward to. And end your day by writing 5 things you enjoyed.

5) Listen to the way you talk to yourself. Experts say that a full 70 to 80% of our thoughts are negative, and that can eat away at your self-confidence – day in and day out. It may sound corny, but changing your inner monologue can help your self-confidence in untold ways.


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