The perfect relationship?

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The purpose of this article is to describe a perfect relationship from my angle. Many people think of a perfect relationship as one that is filled with love, romance and agreeing. However, what I think of as a perfect relationship is one with its arguments and fights, which can continue to have the love and romance. A friend of mine recently confided to me that she thought her boyfriend was cheating.

When I asked why, she told me that it was because they would always argue. I didn’t protest against what she was saying but instead just listened. Later that day, I thought about what she had said and I realized that a person should be worried about their significant other cheating when there isn’t any argument. Them arguing shows that they are interested in the relationship and they want you to see their point. If they were cheating, then they wouldn’t care to argue.

They would just be happy because of what they have on the side therefore little things that would usually get them upset, wouldn’t. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s just the way I see it. Now that I’ve made my point about arguing, I also think that in a perfect relationship, the love and want for each other should still be there, even after the argument.

Both people should be able to put aside whatever they are disagreeing on and honestly believe that the good in their relationship overweighs the bad. So, back to my friend, she found out that he wasn’t actually cheating on her at all. She felt bad for accusing him but she learned from it.


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