Getting Over a Job Loss

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Along with the loss of a job, comes the loss of self esteem, our means of financial support and often our very identity. It can be a difficult time at best.

The first time I lost a job, I took myself shopping on the way back home. I stopped in at a coffee shop and had some coffee, then I went to a mall. While at the mall I did at least have the presence of mind to grab some applications, however, I knew I did not want to work in the mall. Too many temptations to spend my pay check. I was simply doing what I knew I should do in picking up those applications, which I never did fill out or return to the stores.

As I drove home feeling sorry for myself I evaluated my job performance. Had I been a good employee? Had I always been on time? Were the bosses expectations realistic? I knew the true answers and vowed to make sure I always held up my end of the bargain in all of my future employment endeavors.

At home I made a list of my job skills. I then prioritized my list according to what I liked to do. I relaxed and took some time for myself the rest of the week working on my list and job possibilities for at least an hour a day. There was simply nothing like sleeping in and watching the morning television programs while eating that half gallon of ice cream I had in the freezer.

Of course, there was the community pool too. I mean how often had I been able to just go lounge at the pool? Not often enough apparently as my poor sunburned skin soon told me.

After resting up emotionally for a week I decided it was time to get back to work. I had indeed enjoyed my time to myself and my little sojourn from working, but I knew I would soon have bills to pay and food to buy and of course, I would want to eventually go shopping again.

I started the long process of job hunting again. I applied at several places and then a friend suggested to me to sign on with some temporary agencies. I signed on with 3 but one I really really liked. They took the time to talk to me about what I really really enjoyed doing.

I left feeling much better about myself. Thankfully within days I was back to work. The company that I really really liked had found me a temporary position with a very well known company. The hours were great and the commute was much less than my previous job, and Oh, the best part? It was a temp to hire position and I got the job and made well over $400 more a month than I had on my previous job with less hours and a shorter commute, what more could I ask for? Picking myself up and moving on had been the best move of my life and my career.


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