Overcoming Body Image Issues

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Lets face it, not all bodies are alike. Some are larger than others or have less in certain areas than we would like or worse, more in certain areas than we would like.

The media air brushes models to make them look perfect and worse, the women starve themselves to look thin. Actually, they are thinner than they appear in the media as the camera is said to add an automatic 7 pounds to any body it takes a picture of.

Thats a lot to live up to ladies. We all want to look our best. Did you know that there is no such thing as a perfect body? God made us in his own image and perfection is in the eye of the beholder. That is why some are tall, some are short and so on.

So look in that mirror and find your best attribute. It could be your hair, your eyes, your teeth, or it could be your height or weight. Whatever it is, lets focus on that and forget about all the other body image issues.

Not one of us is going to have an absolute perfect body. It just isn’t possible. Ask any woman who has survived anorexia. When they look in the mirror these rail thin young women don’t see that 90 pound waif looking back at them, they see a very large person possibly as large as 500 pounds peering back at them. A definite self image struggle.

Beauty is from within. Eat healthy, dirnk plenty of water. Portray confidence and poise. Learn and use your manners properly. Wear clothing that is clean, pressed, when needed mended and of course flattering to your body type and matching.

I have known women that were very very large and they had great manners and clean nicely pressed clothing and portrayed the greatest body image. It came from within. They weren’t faking it. Yes, they knew they were overweight. They knew they had health issues. But they focused on the positive. Whether it was nice eyes or hair or a pretty face, they did not allow themselves to wallow in self pity. They got up, dressed and took care of themselves and worked on their issues.

Not everyday will be easy. If you work at it and keep a positive mental attitude and outlook though it will get easier. Dress for success and face summer with a smile. Don’t let your imperfections get you down. We all have body image issues and we all need to realize that none of us is perfect. Cherish being you.


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