How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Ehow Articles

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Amazon Affiliate Program has a wonderful affiliate program that allows you to advertise products from their website on your blog, website or any other web pages that you have out. Go to and sign up for the affiliate program. This will allow you to sell products that you never have to see, touch or even pay for! This is a wonderful way to increase your passive online income.

Choosing Products

Once you have created your amazon affiliate account you will be ready to start linking products on your ehow articles. Choosing the products that you will be advertising will be key here because you want to choose items that your audience will be interested in purchasing. Take a look at what your article is about and decide what you think the reader might be interested in purchasing based on the content of your article. Search for a product that you would like to sell from your ehow article.

Getting Product Links

Once you have found the product that you would like to advertise, you will need to get the link for it so that you can add it to your ehow article. From the product page, click the button at the top of the screen that says “Link to This Page”. This will bring you to another page where you will be able to choose what your affiliate link will look like on your page. Ehow does not allow HTML Editing on articles so you will need to choose “Text Only (Basic Display)”. This will allow you to get a code that you can put as a link instead of editing HTML. Scroll down until you see The box that says “Get HTML Code For This Product Link”. Highlight the text between the first set of quotation marks and copy it. Do not include the quotation marks when highlighting the text.

Adding Affiliate Link To Ehow Article

 Log on your ehow account and find the article that you would like to place the affiliate link in. Edit the article and go to the Categorize It Section of the edit article page. Scroll down to resources and paste the affiliate link in the Website URL section of your resources. You can enter any text to display on your page in the other section. Whenever someone clicks on this product link on your article and purchases an item, you will get a % of the sale based on how many items you sell each month.

Checking Earnings

You can check your amazon affiliate earnings by going to and clicking the “Your Earnings Summary” tab at the top of the screen. You will see a detailed report of everything that is going on with your affiliate links.

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