Rihanna beat up picture

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TMZ recently posted a photo of Rihanna after Chris Brown attacked her. I went over to TMZ and look at it and I was saddened by the photo. It looks like she was really beat up with sores, little blood in the crack, puffiness, pain in her face, bruises and just a very sad and depressing photo to look at. I thought it was less serious before the photo was released. I thought it was just a light push or slap but this is real injuries. You can see the sad photo for yourself at the official TMZ website at www.tmz.com and the photo is on the front page and the first photo right now.

I feel really bad for Rihanna over this attack. According to People’s website, she was jealous over a message from another woman that was send to Brown. The message was about getting together. After Rihanna saw the message, she started to fight and make a fake phone call to her friends saying that she wants to call the police on Chris Brown. After she said that, Chris was super angry and said that he was going to do some serious damage to her and that was consider a life threatening threat to Rihanna. Rihanna reported that threat to police. Chris Brown apologizes recently but he’s still facing charges. This is what jealously will do to you. I have experienced it myself and I can say that things can turn very ugly. Love and betrayal equal fights most of the time. I feel like Rihanna is the victim here because she’s woman but also she felt like she was betrayed.

Source: www.tmz.com


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