Formatting Windows Xp: Step by Step

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26/03/11 Edited by grammar mistakes 😉

Hi people, this tutorial is based on Windows XP operating system, usually we have to format the system when it collapsed, or if we have a virus, it gets slow, so there are many causes.

Now, I show us a very simple method for done correctly



1 -. Must be clear that the format going to lose everything on it, it is necessary to support all those files that are important if you don’t want miss it. It is not a technician work, you can do that

2 -. You must have all the motherboard drivers, sound, screen, modem, etc..

3 -. Obviously you must have the Windows XP CD, if you don’t have it, you can’t format.

Well, if you are ready in the previous steps we can continue…

Format Windows XP step by step

I recommend you follow step by step.

1 -. Insert the Windows XP disc in the CD Reader.

2 -. Restart your PC. You will need to enter the BIOS (pressing the Del key at startup) and change the boot order, so that the CD is before hard disk (usually the second menu). Once done, save the changes (F10) and reboot the PC again.

3 -. Your computer will display a message “Press any key to boot from CD”. Follow the instructions.

4 -. You will see a blue screen and then you have to wait because there is loading files it needs to begin the installation. Once completed, this will give us three options. We are interested in is “To install XP now, press ENTER. Press the ENTER key to continue.

5 -. Now you get a screen to select where to install Windows. This is where you can delete old partitions and format disks. The lower part shows a window with all the disks and partitions that exist in them. Use the cursor (arrow) to select the partition “C:” and hit “D”. On the next screen by pressing “L” to end and delete the partition. (Here is where formatting)

You can take a fact that you haven’t have a previous partition, because is a new computer. If so, skip this step.

6 -. Now you have returned to the screen to choose where to install Windows. The window at the bottom and should not show any partition, and instead should see “no space partitioning xxxMB. Select with the cursor here and press “C” to create a partition the hard disk. The next screen tells you the minimum size and maximum partition that can have and lets you adjust the size.

The maximum size is configured by default, but should check before you press ENTER and continue.

7 -. There will be a window to choose where to install Windows, only this time you will have a partition called C: followed by a brief description and size in MB. We selected this partition with the cursor and press ENTER.

8 -. The next screen lets you choose the file system you want to reformat in your hard drive. We will want to choose the file system NTFS or FAT. In the case of XP will have to choose NTFS. But if your computer was in FAT32, you have to select the FAT file, to be your first option uses the normal format

9 -. From here, proceed to install Windows at the end of the disc format. Windows Setup is very simple and we will be asking all the information you need throughout the facility.

You must have the CD-KEY!, If you don’t enter it’s will be a pirated version 😛

Well, your computer it has formated 😀


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