Protect Your Password

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Protect Your Password Easily.

How ?

There Is A Few Things.

1-Make It Long To be More Harder

ex: firefoxvxie

(FireFox VS IE)

2-Easy To Remmeber

Make The Word Easy To Remmember Like Your Name+You Favorite Game


3-Don’t You Use Any Family Name or Your Name

bec The Hackers That Wont You Password Will try This First

4-Don’t Tell Any One You Password Even You Brother-Father-Friend

5-Always Change Your Password A Lest 1 Month

6-The More Password Long That’s Better

7-The More Complex is better also

8-Don’t Use (Firefox,IE,……) Password Remmember Bec That’s Some Times You Lost Your Password

9-Keep You Password In Your Brain

The End



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