Bach Remedy: What You Need to Make Flower Essences

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Dr Bach hoped every home would have access to his essences and left preparation instructions so that everybody could make their own. Even if the investment of time to make the whole set is out of the question, just making a single essence is recommended as a unique opportunity to be part

of a connection with nature and with the self healing experience. All the tinctures made from the sun potentization and boiling methods have been reported in the Bach literature to be safe and non toxic.

For a Sun Potentized Essence


– Three hours of clear, unclouded sunshine

– Fresh water

– Freshly opened flowers

– Brandy


– Thin glass bowl

– Scissors

– Unbleached filter papers

– Glass measuring jug

– Storage bottle

– Label

– Pen

For Boiling a Flower Essence

You need to set out on a dry day that will have sunny periods.


– Fresh Water

– Freshly flowering twigs

– Brandy


– Glass saucepan with lid

– Long handled secateurs

– Hooke walking stick

– Camping stove

– Glass measuring jug

– Unbleached filter papers

– Storage bottles

– Label

– Pen

Glass Bowls

It is important to find suitable thin glass bowls. Ideally, they must not have a pattern or ridging and should be very thing. The glass must be perfect with an ideal bowl shape, being small at the base and becoming larger at the top. Various, good, serviceable glass bowls can be found, but crystal finger bowls are found to make good essences. Unfortunately, they can be expensive.

Picking the Flowers

Nursing scissors have proved a good choice for essence making, being small with sharp points. If the idea of cutting the flowers with scissors feels wrong, consider whether to pick the flowers by hand, as many essence producers do. Alternatively make a lasso from a stalk and gently pull the flowers off.

Tips on the Boiling Method

Glass pans are ideal as they are easily cleaned. If the location is a long way from home, think about boiling the mother tincture out in the field. However, some camping stoves can take a long time to bring the pan to the boil, and you must be certain that there is enough gas. Filtering a bottled mother tincture takes patience, as many may be thick with sap and vegetable matter. Notice how the range of sensations can vary, from the heavenly almond smell of the Cherry Plum mother tincture to the vile taste of Walnut mother tincture.


Of great importance when making a flower essence, water is the medium on which the flowers are floated and in which their energy is held. The ideal is fresh pure water from a spring near the flower’s location, drawn just before making the essence. In some areas, this is possible, but in others it becomes more of a challenge if there is heavy agriculture and pollution. Some makers will suggest using a good quality bottled water but as this has been in the bottle an indefinite time, it may be dead and produce an inferior quality essence.

It is worth researching the surrounding area in advance and locating a clean spring. Water can be collected early in the morning before making the essence, but depending on the distance involved it may be necessary to visit the spring the previous evening. Store the water in clean glass bottles and keep it as cool as possible, leaving it outside over night, perhaps under a bush. Although this option is not ideal, it will still produce a very high quality essence.


A clear, sunny day is vital to making a traditional flower essence. If clouds cover the sky half way through preparation it is advisable to give the essence back to the earth or drink it, returning on the next sunny day.


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