Why is article-writing important?

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In the realm of internet marketing and small online business promotion, article writing is of the utmost importance.  In fact, online advertisers argue that article writing and distribution is the top method of getting targeted traffic, and thus customers and clients, to your website or blog.  Why is article writing important?  Not only can and attract search engine browsers who are specifically interested in your type of business, it can create a reputation of professionalism and expertise for you and your company.

The first step in article writing for marketing purposes is to identify the target audience and make a list of the words and phrases that they typed into the major search engines.  This practice is called keyword research and it is arguably the most important step in article writing online.  The goal of all your advertising methods is to get people who are interested in your product or service to view your website or blog and make a purchase.  Article writing is important if keywords and keyword phrases are used correctly the cause it makes it much easier for those people to find your business over all the others.

Writing the actual article must be done in a specific manner if you wish to entice some readers to not only finished the article, but to click through your link to your website or blog.  Not only must you write clearly and give all pertinent information without excess fluff and stuffing, you must follow the basic rules of Internet article writing: lots of white space, the use of subheadings and bulleted lists, and the appropriate keyword density percentage.  Article writing on the Internet is only important if you do it correctly.  Otherwise it’s nothing more than an exercise in writing.

Distribution of your properly keyworded and written article is the next step in internet marketing.  While some online advertising gurus recommend submitting your article to as many article directories as possible, others say you should take a more targeted approach and submit only to the top three to five directories that get the best search engine placement.  Both methods can be effective.

Article writing is important on the Internet because it provides a method of getting interested people who search for specific terms on the search engines to your website or blog.  Not only do distributed articles on the Internet give important information, they can create a level of trust in yourself or your company that can help you get more customers or clients.


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