Teaching Middle School to 9th Graders Today

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Teaching in middle school today proves to be a huge challenge for both students and teachers alike. The generation gap causes a number of conflicts. As a matter of fact, a number of teachers have abandoned teaching mainly for behavioral problems of students these days. The power struggle between students and teachers inside the classroom proves to be the biggest hindrance in the delivery of excellent learning opportunities to the students. Added to that is the threat of misbehaving students of their rights and the fact that their parents can sue.

A teacher functions in an environment full of challenge and second-guessing. This of course could affect the teacher’s ability to teach. Discipline complaints from parents are among the reality a teacher should face especially in a public school.

Discipline is a tool in teaching. Using it could be a potential source of conflict however. The problem in handling difficult students though is not insurmountable. Teachers should learn to make rules clear early on. Consistently enforcing little rules could eventually help curb disruptive behaviors among students (Drummond, 2002).

Teaching in middle school today requires teachers to be more than just sources of information. They need to be disciplinarians, parents and friend as well. In order to be truly effective, they need to be well-rounded and willing to face unrehearsed challenges inside the classroom on a daily basis.

The reality of classroom teaching today maybe far different from the theories taught to teachers but they need to adapt with the times and come up with new solutions for new sets of problems they encounter as carry out their duties (Drummond, 2002).


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