Ways To Increase Your Writing Income

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You should be thinking about constant ways to increase your writing income!  Writers do not need to be starving artists living in squalor for the sake of their craft. Freelance writers can make a  lot of money. How much money can they earn? The sky is really the limit, really.

Web writers may earn slightly different rates than writers who work exclusively in print but web writers can have the satisfaction of quick pay. Those who write mostly for magazines know that they typically have to wait months to get paid.

How much do web writers make?

Online web writers average anywhere from .01 to .10 a word.  Yes, that’s quite a gap! Some writers who are well known for their persuasive copywriting skills can even make as much as $5,000 for a single article.  Many factors will dictate how much you’ll earn but isn’t it great to know that your earning potential is really limitless?

While some who write for print look down at online writers, a savvy online copywriter will work to earn from their writing on a constant basis. Instead of writing once and getting paid once, many online writers are trying to write content that will bring them residual income.  Here are some ways they can do that.

Increasing Your Writing Earnings

  1. Have periodic increases with regular clients. Make the increase low enough that they should agree but high enough that you can steadily raise your rates.
  2. Find time to write for yourself! Even if it’s just an afternoon a week, don’t spend every writing moment on ghostwriting.
  3. Sell e-books. E-books are written once but can be sold many, many times. There are many online avenues for you to sell your e-books.
  4. Private label rights.  While PLR articles can be a controversial subject, many writers decide to sell plr packs to clients which enables them to write one set of articles but sell it about fifty times.
  5. Write how-to for online sites like eHow and Bukisa. The how-to article can bring you residual income indefinitely. Writing once could help you earn every month for ever and ever.
  6. Write on your own blog.  Blogging can be monetized so an article you post on your blog could also bring you money indefinitely through writing revenue, finding new gigs in that niche and through earning via affiliate marketing .

If you start off  for really low pay, that’s perfectly fine. Some experienced freelance writers do look down on people who write for mere pennies a word.  The important thing is that you work to increase your revenue. You can start off writing for others and eventually write for yourself.  Writing for passive income can bring you multiple streams of residuals and allow you a steady income that enables you to work more on your own creative writing rather than spend all your time churning out low priced search engine fodder.

Are you a real writer?

Becoming a writer happens when you decide you’ll write for a living regardless of whether you’re publishing bestsellers or writing how-to articles on Bukisa.

Are you a happy writer?

Being a happy writer means that you’ll not only earn a decent wage for your craft but that you enjoy the writing you’re doing.  Starting off in the salt mines and working your way up to a corner office with a view is something you can do! Check out my view on The Writer’s Blog .


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