Selling Domains To End Users

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1. Use, search for keyword(s) contained in the domain you wish to sell, the first 10 to 20 search results, use their contact form or email posted on their site to sell the domain(s) to them.

2. Use, and, search for same keyword , whois first 10 to 20 results, and send personalized email to them selling your domain(s).

3. Use to find similar forums based on the keyword found in your domain(s) you wished to sell, and join that said forum(s) put on forum signature the domain(s) you wish to sell. Buy low on domain forums such as and sell high on category/niched forums.

4. Use free classified ads sites to post your domains for sale with title “Looking for end users” or something like it. Make sure to post it in proper category.

5. Setup a portfolio site posting all the domains you have for sale, use wordpress for it for easy update on your part.

6. Use video sites to promote, market and sell your domains.

7. Setup domain groups on various social networking sites, selling your domains.

8. Sell on small local newspapers.

9. Be updated and attend once in a while local and foreign conferences and have your callcards prepared selling your domain(s) on it.

10. Setup a blog, domain reseller, hosting site and don’t forget to sell your domains on it as well. Don’t forget to link to sedo account profile and sell your domain(s) on the footer or on the news or blog of that reseller site. Go to and click on “Hosting Reseller” to get it for free.


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