Lazy Way Of Linkbuilding

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Usually the lazy way of link building or producing sites/domains that will link back to your sites/domain are always the one’s that work. I will show you several sites that can accomplish it for you. Usually it involves money but majority of them are for free, it’s like set once and promote forever. This could be a review of top 10 reciprocal link building on the internet.

A reciprocal link building site that requires reciprocal linking to free member and offers premium membership without the hassles. It’s a daily routinary habit that must be developed once you enter your site on it for link partnership. Sites in the same category will request links to your site offering one of their dedicated page for your link placement. Free membership is manual placement of links, while Premium is set once and build links forever.

For free membership, this could be set once and build link forever type of a site, where you do 3 steps to activate your site: (a) describe your site/domain, (b) upload a .php or .asp page to your server and (c) activate your site. Once you do 5,000+ or more sites will link back to your site the way you describe it. It requires the uploaded .php or .asp page to be linked on your frontpage. Yeah, that lazy.

You have to place a code on your front page and one page to list their dynamic directory to your site and routinary daily work is to approve sites as they request linkages with you. Your link will also appear on their front page and dedicated single page on their server. Not that lazy. They’re quite new and gives free paid membership to first 5,000 membership.

This is a premium, this one involves laziness and money. All you have to do is become a premium member and they handle everything for you.

This one requires a link back to their site on your front page and involves manual approval of the owner and then on a daily basis you will have to respond via email to link requests. People will come to your for links and not you spamming them. Also has premium services where you pay a certain amount and your site will be announced via email to all members.

This is the most work intensive among all the sites listed here, and it requires you know some sort of programming and you need to upload several verification pages and linkages to your server. It needs daily maintenance like making sure you are giving them hits and your link is displayed on a premium spot of your site, but it’s the most helpful site.

This site will make you drool for everyday you will be having link exchange requests in your inbox, kinda annoying but there is a premium membership as well. The free membership only allows you to signup but not get the linkages or respond to link exchanges. It’s a shareware type of a link building service.

List your site and you will be given a referral link where you display on your premium spot of your front page. Everyday someone will review your site and every vote, review and ratings pushes your site straight to the top for more link building traffic.


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