How to Choose a Good Blog Hosting Provider

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So you want to start a blog. Millions of people have taken to this online form of media to expand their business’ online presence, share their knowledge with the world or just use it as a platform for their own thoughts and opinions. No matter what the purpose of your new blog one thing remains constant—you’ll need a good blog hosting provider to help your message reach your audience.

Free Blog Hosting

While there are a few well known choices if you wish to host your blog on a free service you should know the pros and cons of choosing a free blog hosting service before you set up your blog on their server., owned by Google, makes it extremely easy to set up and host your blog with their service. This is good option for those who are leery, either for monetary or technical reasons, to purchase a domain name and set up their own account on a paid host. Keep in mind, though, that you will never truly own your blog and it can be deleted at Google’s whim without notice or explanation. You are also somewhat limited in your design choices with the free blogger platform. One advantage is the ability to set up Google’s Adsense on your blogger blog and make money with your blog. also offers free blog hosting with the need for a domain name and hosting setup. Again, you are limited somewhat in your design choices and does not allow Google’s Adsense to be set up and your blog can be deleted if they deem your blog’s content not a good fit for their service.

You Get What You Pay For

Even for the technically challenged choosing your own domain name and blog hosting is both easy and quite affordable. The biggest advantage to paying for your blog hosting is you’ll truly own your blog’s place on the internet and will not have to worry about deletion unless you yourself retire your blog.

When choosing a blog hosting company do compare prices. There are many affordable packages available for less than $10 a month that give you more than enough space to host your blog. Also look for packages that allow you to host multiple blogs on the same plan. Most people that blog find in time that they want to branch out and own more than one. With a multi-domain package the only extra cost of setting up a new blog will be the domain name.

It is also highly recommended to choose a blog hosting company that offers the Fantastico installation program. Most Cpanel hosting companies offer this incredibly easy installation process that walks you through the simple and quick process of setting up your new blog on your hosting account. Fantastico handles the initial setup, as well as subsequent upgrades, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

When choosing your blog host shop around and compare prices and services. There are many to choose from and with a little research you will find one that fits both your budget and blog hosting needs.


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